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Your Impact


The Crowsnest Pass Health Foundation receives and distributes funds for equipment and programs that enhance patient services and health programs in our community. This support goes to any area of need in the Crowsnest Pass Health Centre, but specifically toward state-of-the-art healthcare equipment, vital programs and special projects in your hospital. Our volunteer Board of Trustees ensures all funds are dispersed in keeping with the wishes of our donors.

Arjo Tub

The response of our local citizens and corporate donors to our Health Foundation Christmas Campaign was truly amazing. Through our Newsletter mailer, individual donors contributed a record $7469.  In lieu of a Christmas Party, Teck Resources gave a generous donation of $61 625 to our local hospital.  The funds were used to purchase two specialized bath tubs, one for Continuing Care residents  and one for Acute Care patients. The Arjo tubs are compatible with height-adjustable bath lifter chairs and are complete with a patient lift. This enables caregivers to transfer a patient or resident directly from the beside or wheelchair into the bath more safely.  Also, with these donations, the Foundation was able to purchase 3 Broda Patient wheelchairs, two for Continuing Care and one for Acute Care. Broda’s wheelchairs provide safe, comfortable, long-term seating that maintains mobility while dramatically reducing the number of falls, pressure injuries and unsafe vehicle patient transport.

The Crowsnest Health Foundation would like to thank our donors for their continued support to the health of our community. If you would like more information on how you can make a gift to support the efforts of the Crowsnest Pass Health Foundation, please visit us our donate page or call 403-562-5018.

Broda Chair

“The noblest question in the world is what good may I do in it?”

             -Benjamin Franklin

If you believe as we do, that access to a multitude of high quality health care services is vital to the health of our community, we invite you to make your own impact with a gift to Crowsnest Pass Health Foundation.  Here are some options to consider:

Endowments: An endowment is a gift designated by the donor to be held in perpetuity. The Foundation securely invests the principle amount and spends the interest on priority needs each year, providing a predictable source of additional income annually. Crowsnest Pass Health Foundation currently holds approximately $160,000 in endowments.

Life Insurance: This option allows you to make a significant donation from relatively small contributions. By naming a charity as owner and beneficiary of the policy, your premiums qualify for charitable tax receipts. An existing policy that is no longer needed can also be donated by transferring ownership to the charity and naming the charity as beneficiary. You would then receive a tax receipt for the cash value of the policy.

Charitable Remainder Trust: In this scenario, the donor transfers a piece of property to a trustee who holds and manages it on their behalf. If the property produces income, the donor can receive that net income or designate it to a beneficiary. The trust remainder is given to the Foundation either at the end of a specified period, or when the donor dies. The formal trust agreement spells out how the property is to be used to benefit the Foundation. A donor can also make a gift without surrendering capital. Interest income or dividends from securities can be donated to a Foundation and a tax receipt may be issued. The donor would bring the interest or dividends into income, receive any eligible dividend credit and use the charitable receipt to reduce taxes owing.

When considering these options, Crowsnest Pass Health Foundation encourages you to consult your personal legal or financial advisor to build a plan that helps you achieve your desired impact on the health of our community.    

You may also choose to  Donate Now

“Auna Joseph (LTC LPN) and Liz Cook (site manager) show off the nail kits purchased by the CNP Health Foundation for Continuing Care residents”

New furniture for the Palliative Care room.
Pictured Willie Chorney & Bonnie Linderman
(foundation members)

The foundation purchased the bike for the Recreation Therapy department of the CNP Health Centre.  It is used to take Continuing Care residents on bike rides by the staff of Recreation Therapy.   Pictured Mitzi Farano (Rec Therapy employee) and Bonnie Linderman (foundation member).

Cast cutter that was purchased through the foundation.
Becky Rinaldi (Foundation Chairperson), Liz Cook (Acute Care Manager) and Bonnie Castellarin (donor). Bonnie Castellarin, her siblings and other family members donated funds to purchase a pain pump for use at the Crowsnest Pass Health Centre in memory of their loved family member, Jim Bain. The family is happy to be able to purchase this piece of much-needed equipment for patients to use at the Crowsnest Pass Health Centre.
Holter monitor to be used by Respiratory presented to Becky Rinaldi and Bonnie Linderman 2018

Operating room instruments purchased by the foundation for orthopedic surgeries. November 24/15. Picture - l-r: Shila Woitte, Tiffany Olivieri

The Slit Lamp is a state of the art tool for physicians to examine eyes.  Slit lamp for emergency. December 2014. Pictured Jason Zoratti (RN) and Dr. A. Garbutt (Physician)

Memory boxes for Continuing Care February 2016.
Picture - Diane Nummi - Manager - Continuing Care

NAT van purchased by the Crowsnest Pass, Pincher Creek and Fort Macleod Foundations in 2016 to transfer inpatients to out-of-town appointments.

Family comfort Room


Photo: Yolanda Gregory and her daughter Gloria Torrance enjoy the new wheelchair accessible swing at the Crowsnest Pass Health Centre.

Rocking Residents
“A positive leisure experience empowers individuals to achieve their full potential in all aspects of life.”

Thanks to the support of the Crowsnest Pass Health Foundation and the Taber and District Health Foundation, residents in Long Term Care (LTC) are rocking their recreation with the addition of a wheelchair accessible patio swing at both the Crowsnest Pass and Taber Health Centres.

Both foundations provided approximately $10,000 to purchase the WhisperGlide swings, which allow families to have a beautiful place to visit their loved ones and gives residents a place to sit outdoors on a warm day.  The swing also promotes wellness by creating a new recreation opportunity, improving the quality of life of LTC residents.

Recreation Therapist Brandi Yakubowski requested support for the purchase of the swing, knowing the positive impact it would have on the lives of LTC residents at the Crowsnest Pass Health Centre.

“An important factor that contributes to quality of life is a person’s ability to participate in recreation that is personally meaningful and satisfactory,” says Yakubowski.  “For people with disabilities and chronic conditions, there are very limited opportunities and real barriers compared to the able-bodied.”

Studies have shown that sitting in a chair that rocked reduces depression and anxiety, and repetitive movement, such as rocking back and forth in a chair, promotes a feeling of relaxation and, in turn, can decrease stress and reduce the feeling of pain.